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Popular QR Code types

We are so excited and proud of our product. It's really easy to create these QR Codes.


Enhance user experience across various scenarios with Email QR codes. Boost engagement and simplify interactions for streamlined communication.


Unleash the potential of SMS QR codes for instant communication, streamlined processes, and enhanced user experience across diverse scenarios.


Unveil the potential of Text QR codes for offline information sharing. Explore their functionality, diverse applications, and the process of generating your own.


Utilize the potential of URL QR codes to boost traffic, captivate users, and track performance of your digital content.


Embark on a journey with Location QR codes, effortlessly guiding users to destinations and enriching their experience.


Uncover the convenience of Wi-Fi QR codes for seamless connectivity, simplified network access, and elevated user experience.


Embrace the power of Phone QR codes for seamless communication, simplifying phone calls, and enhancing user experience.


Efficiently manage events using Event QR codes, effortlessly integrating them into phone calendars and maximizing attendance.


Create digital business cards with a "save to phone" feature using vCard QR codes.

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How Does It Work?

Generate QR code in just three simple steps.

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  1. 1
    Choose QR code type

    Select desired QR code type and fill required information to generate the code.

  2. 2
    Design your new QR code

    Generate custom QR codes by changing colours and replacing standard shapes. Tailor the corner elements and body of the QR code individually to your liking.

  3. 3
    Download QR code

    Preview and download your QR code image for scanning QR codes. Dynamic code has additional features to track operating systems, location and a number of scans.


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